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Contract addresses

You will find below the addresses of the Echidna contracts, as deployed on the Avalanche main net.
Please consult the smart contract documentation for more details on the role of each contract.

ECD Token: 0xeb8343D5284CaEc921F035207ca94DB6BAaaCBcd
ecdPTP Token: 0xb2C5172E5C15aF6aDD1ec92e518A5Ea1c7DeD2ad

Booster V2: 0x1c898b4e77843AA3057d69350CD147C4fFDEf93f
PTP Depositor: 0xDa0433BbeDca315F21aE725e309D2755C3643c78
Platypus proxy: 0xC204501F33eC40B8610BB2D753Dd540Ec6EA2646
veECD-Boosted Secondary Staking Pools Masterchef (also used for ecdPTP staking): 0xc9AA91645C3a400246B9D16c8d648F5dcEC6d1c8
ECD Voting Escrow: 0x721C2c768635D2b0147552861a0D8FDfde55C032
veECD Reward Pool: 0x0546A4c8E3bC4BF8CC0B44ABF3bA5E7D280bbbAe
ECD Airdrop: 0xF4c2A2A2b7dEADbEd3d2de361De28FC1813Adf10

The following contracts were deprecated following the Phase II migration:

Booster V1: 0x43Cf1FD9260adA2Ec8069Ce7cBD04318B1F9c3FF
Stablecoin Zap Deposit (features direcly implemented in Booster V2): 0x4537398FF971A7037E8414A2A9b6B1646dE91D96
Echidna PTP Staking Pool (replaced by the MasterChef contract): 0x630a843Aa652c57A86089311812eC2332f2b59C1