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Distribution and Vesting Schedule

Echidna Tokenomics - Token distributionEchidna Tokenomics - Token distribution detail

Token distribution​

55% Liquidity Mining (ecdPTP stakers)

Emissions from liquidity mining will follow a logarithmic function and are correlated with the number of PTP tokens contributed to Echidna. In doing so, we are able to build a stronger long term position as a yield booster and incentivise users without diluting their rewards.

15% Bonus rewards for secondary pools β€” 10% at TGE and 18 month linear vesting

Emissions for bonus rewards will be deployed discretionarily as incentives based on market conditions. This ensures Echidna has adequate liquidity on the open market.

15% Team β€” 6 month cliff followed by 18 month vesting

Echidna started as a three man squad and has slowly grown to a global collective of full time teammates, part time helpers, and freelancers. We are committed to growing Echidna in the long term by attracting and empowering new talent, hence our 15% allocation to current and future members of the team.

5% Advisors β€” 6 month cliff followed by 18 month vesting

As a community driven project, it is important for us to enlist established builders and leaders in the Avalanche ecosystem to guide us on our mission, hence our 5% advisor allocation.

5% Treasury β€” 10% TGE followed by 3 month cliff and 18 month linear vesting

The treasury will be used to support Echidna’s operations (marketing, community rewards and events, bug bounties, partnerships etc.).

3% Rocket Joe Fundraising β€” Initial DEX liquidity

Echidna launched the token through Trader Joe’s Rocket Joe platform. Echidna will own 50% of the liquidity seeded via Rocket Joe, which will alleviate the need to maintain market liquidity with incentives.
The tokens deployed for Rocket Joe consist of the following:

  • 3% of tokens for launch
  • 0.375% for bonus tokens (from 15% secondary pool bonus rewards ). All participants will receive a 12.5% bonus on their deposit.

2% vePTP holder airdrop β€” 12 month linear vesting + option to quit vesting

Echidna will airdrop 2% of our total supply to vePTP holders. Token allocations are prorated by the average vePTP of each holder based on random snapshots taken. Airdrop tokens are vested linearly for 12 months and are claimable at any time.
Users can also choose to quit vesting at any time and claim tokens released by vesting + 50% of unreleased tokens at the cost of forfeiting the other 50% of unreleased tokens.
Forfeited tokens will be compiled into a bonus pool and prorated to users who either claim their tokens or choose to quit vesting after you.