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Stablecoin Farming

Echidna’s stablecoin farming is built on top of Platypus Finance and retains almost all of its characteristics except for a few upgrades.

Farming rewards are paid exclusively in PTP (unless there is a special rewards event). Rewards from special events are fully remitted to the users - Echidna does not charge any fees for special rewards. Echidna integrates all Platypus pools that are vePTP boost-able. Platypus’ Interest Rate Model applies to Echidna’s pools as well.

At Echidna, stablecoin LPs can direct deposit stablecoins or Platypus LP tokens into Echidna to start farming.
If you choose to withdraw your funds, you will receive stablecoins for both stablecoin and LP token deposits. Fees incurred by transactions within Platypus will be deducted from the corresponding deposit / withdrawal without any additions.