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ECD Airdrop

Echidna has airdropped 2% of the token supply (10,000,000 ECD) to vePTP holders. vePTP ownership is a hallmark of engagement and loyalty for Platypus and we wanted to reward PTP’s most loyal supporters.

The Echidna team took four random snapshots of vePTP balances at random intervals from Feb 16 to Feb 27, 2022. Your airdrop allocation will be prorated based on your average vePTP balance as a % of the average total vePTP amount.

Tokens are claimable starting from March 13, 2022 6pm UTC. They are linearly vested for up to one year, and will remain claimable even after the vesting period.

Head to Echina Airdrops to claim your ECD now.

Vesting Mechanism

You have two options when it comes to claiming your tokens:

Option 1: Claim tokens released from vesting

You can do this any time since the tokens are vested linearly. This means you can claim every second, every day, every month etc.

Option 2: Quit vesting

When you choose this option, you claim tokens released from vesting + 50% of unreleased tokens. The other 50% will be forfeited as Bonus Tokens for people who claim or quit vesting after you.

Bonus Tokens

Your Bonus Tokens are also linearly vested. The balance will increase over time as more users quit vesting before you.
When you quit vesting, you will claim bonus tokens released from vesting + 50% of unreleased bonus tokens (similar logic as your original allocation).