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What is Echidna Finance

Echidna Finance is a yield booster built for Platypus Finance. Stablecoin LPs can leverage Echidna’s vePTP treasury to boost their LP rewards on Platypus without staking PTP.

Echidna removes all complications with withdrawal penalties, capital allocation, and vePTP claiming to provide users with a simple streamlined service.

Echidna crowdsources PTP from the community in exchange for ecdPTP, a yield bearing token eligible for ECD (Echidna governance token) liquidity mining emissions.
All crowdsourced PTP is permanently staked into Platypus to accrue vePTP for rewards boosting. ECD can be locked to earn 40% of Echidna’s platform fees and boost ECD emissions on our platform.

Click here to access the Echina Finance DApp